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Love Life, Live Gaming.

Welcome to GameSpace, St Mary’s and areas’ source for all things fun.  We feature a wide selection of all types of video games, board games, trading card games and miniatures.  Half of our store space is dedicated to actually playing those games.  We regularly have different types of events, and welcome people to come in and play a game at any time.  Check out our Event Calendar to see what’s coming up, or check out the rest of the website for more specifics on what we offer.


Recent News:

    • Multi-ethnic multi-generation group of people from young children to 95 years old.Announcing the GameSpace Community Forums!!

      Now that we have the thumbs up from the conveniently diverse stock photo to the left, we’ve developed a forum section of the website for all the gamers in St. Marys (and surrounding area’s).  We just got it up and running today, so it’s a little thin on content, but I’ll work on padding it out […]

    • sadpokePokemon Go Cancelled

      I am posting to regretfully inform y’all that we’ll be cancelling the Pokemon Go Tournament. Like you, we were very excited about the event and were in the final stages of our preparation. However, recent changes in the applications and a crazy huge drop in popularity for the game has forced us to cancel the […]

    • 8995624860886838982-account_id=1Sale!!

      A great variety of new Games on Sale for $59.99, $49.99 some as low as $39.99 Most AAA titles! Starting Thursday July 14th – Sunday July 17th While Qty’s last !

    • mirrors edge kirbalystComing out this week!

      New and exciting this week!  Already in, Mirrors Edge Catalyst for the Xbox One and Playstation 4! I can’t sell them until tomorrow (Tuesday June 6, 2016), but it’s not too late to get your name on one of them.  Also, coming out this Friday, Kirby Planet Robobot!  That’s three exclamation marks in one post, so […]

    • 20160524_144726Released Today! (May 24th 2016)

        This just in!  Overwatch and TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan for both the PS4 and Xbox One. Come in today to get your hands on the new first person shooter from the legendary developers at Blizzard, or grab the action hack and slash video game based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise developed by PlatinumGames […]