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A HUGE Thank You

Some of you may have noticed that the person working the cash last week looked much more female, and 5 or so years older then the regular guy you all know and… um… put up with?  If you didn’t notice, you either didn’t shop in my store last week (shame on you!), or you have Prosopagnosia (TY Google), and should see a doctor.   In any case, I would like to give a HUGE thank you to my mom (as pictured to the left) for taking some time off from from helping to build churches and schools in the poorest areas of the world to watch the store while I left the country to do nothing but drink and eat for a week in Mexico (my first vacation in 20+ years).  I’d also like to thank her fiancee Chris, who kept her company and helped whenever needed.  When I got back, she told me what a fantastic customer base we had, and made me appreciate the great community we have going even more then I already did.  I also appreciate everybody’s patience, as we were not accepting returns or trade-ins last week, and want you to all know that everything is back to “normal” around here.

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