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Mario Kart Tournament (Mar 19 2016)

mario karts

1St Place Trophy
1St Place Trophy

Welcome race fans to the first ever GameSpace Mario Kart Tournament!!  This tournament won’t just be who’s the best at one version of Mario Kart, but there will be 4 different versions of Mario Kart being played (Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii).  So everybody should have an equal chance at victory, and a guaranteed chance of fun!! There will also be food and prizes, but this will be dependent on the number of registrants (first place will get a trophy for sure).  Register below to ensure your spot.  Under the registration form is complete tournament rules, as well as a courses list, and some tips and tricks for those who may be rusty.

Event Date:   March 19th 2016

Time:  1:00PM

Entry Fee:   $5.00

Prizes: (Dependent on number of registrants)

Mario Kart Tournament

Mario Kart Tournament

  1. Registration

    • Registration will be required prior to starting the event.
    • Players are strongly encouraged to register online to ensure a place in the tournament.
    • The tournament will be limited to 40 players, with registration being first come first serve.
    • Walk-in registration is welcome as long as the tournament is not full.
    • An alias or IGN is permitted and encouraged for registration, but will be subject to approval by tournament organizers.
    • Players must be registered by 12:45pm game day. Any players not registered by this time will not be permitted to compete.
    • Please only sign up if you intend on coming. We understand that stuff comes up, but if you’re in doubt, please refrain from registering until you know.
  1. Matching

    • Tournament matches will be chosen at random
      • This will be the only way that brackets are filled, there is to be no manual or personal matching.
    • In case of uneven numbers, byes will be assigned at random.
    • As there will be multiple games across multiple systems, there will be no qualification or tournament seeding.
  1. Format

    • All matches will be 1 vs 1 in randomly matched pairs.
    • Players will either advance, or be eliminated based on their placing in comparison to the other player. Placing of other players or CPU characters (if they exist in that version) will have no bearing on who advances or is eliminated.
    • Tournament will be either single or double elimination depending on number of participants in the tournament and will be determined on game day.
    • There will be multiple different version of Mario Kart being played on multiple different systems.
      • Systems and versions for each matched pair will be determined randomly.
        • This may mean that a player may have to play multiple rounds on the same system/version.
        • After 2 rounds in a row on the same system, the player may request switching to a different system. The tournament organizer will then do the following:
          • Determine if there is grounds for switching systems
          • Randomly redistribute all matched pairs to other systems
          • If there are multiple people who have been on multiple systems in a row, the organizer will perform another round of random distribution until no player is playing on a system for a 3rd
        • The tournament organizer has final say on all matching, system assignments or any other organizational decisions.
  1. Equipment

    • Players must only play with the systems and controllers provided
      • If a controller is malfunction, the player must immediately pause the game, and report the malfunction to a tournament organizer.
        • If deemed defective, the round will then be re-started with proper functioning equipment.
        • If deemed to be functioning, the controller can still be swapped out, but the round will continue from when the game was paused.
      • Personal joysticks or gamepads will not be permitted in competitive play.
  1. Personal conduct

    • Please keep in mind that this is also a retail environment, and the retail space is how we keep the store open and have awesome tournaments like this. Please show the retail area and the people shopping in it with respect.
      • If you are acting in a way that interferes with the proper operation of the retail area, such as overly loud behavior or blocking or bothering other shoppers, you will be warned and if it continues, asked to leave.
    • Any sign of a player tampering or damaging any provided equipment will lead to disqualification from the tournament.
      • If it is deemed that the player was purposely attempting to damage or otherwise alter the equipment, they may be banned from future competitions and events at GameSpace at the discretion of the tournament organizer.
    • We want everybody to have fun, so we ask that all players and spectators show each other mutual respect and exhibit common sense.
      • Swearing or other foul language may result in the player or spectator being asked to leave the store
      • Players or spectators insulting, distracting or otherwise interfering with players participating may be asked to leave and disqualified if participating.
  1. Player conduct

    • NO EXPLOITS OR GLITCHES ARE ALLOWED FOR ANY REASON! Any player found exploiting a glitch or game mechanic in a way unintended by the games programmers will be immediately disqualified.
      • Shortcuts in courses are permitted as long as they exist in the game as a programmed in shortcut.
      • Obvious game mechanics such as drift boosting, start boosting etc. are allowed.
      • Corner cutting (jumping corners to get a better racing line in earlier games), grass/dirt boosting, or other gameplay advantages are allowed as those mechanics are either generally intentionally there, or don’t significantly impact race times.
      • Fire hopping is allowed in this competition.
      • If there is question whether an exploit was used, either purposely or accidentally, the event organizer will have final say.
    • While racing players are not allowed to physically contact each other in any way (I know it’s obvious, but you never know).
    • Don’t be a sore winner/loser, we’re all here to have fun!
  1. Prizes

    • Prizes will be awarded based on where the player finished in the final standings.
    • Prizes will be decided as we get closer to game day and have a better idea how many players are committed to playing.
      • If a very large number of players sign up, and prizes are decided based on those numbers, but few people show up, prizes may be changed on game day based on actual attendance. This is to prevent false sign ups in order to falsely alter the value of the prizes, which will limit the number of legitimate entrants that can sign up.

Super Mario Kart

Mushroom Cup: Mario Circuit 1/ Donut Plains 1/ Ghost Valley 1/ Bowser Castle 1/ Mario Circuit 2

Flower Cup: Choco Island 1/ Ghost Valley 2/ Donut Plains 2/ Bowser Castle 2/ Mario Circuit 3/

Star Cup: Koopa Beach 1/ Choco Island 2/ Vanilla Lake 1/ Bowser Castle 3/ Mario Circuit 4/

Mario Kart 64

Mushroom Cup: Luigi Raceway/ Moo Moo Farm/ Koopa Troopa Beach/ Kalimari Desert

Flower Cup: Toad’s Turnpike/ Frappe Snowland/ Choco Mountain/ Mario Raceway

Star Cup: Wario Stadium/ Sherbet Land/ Royal Raceway/ Bowser’s Castle

MK: Double Dash

Mushroom Cup: Luigi Circuit/ Peach Beach/ Baby Park/ Dry Dry Desert

Flower Cup: Mushroom Bridge/ Mario Circuit/ Daisy Cruiser/ Waluigi Stadium

Star Cup: Sherbet Land/ Mushroom City/ Yoshi Circuit/ DK Mountain

Mario Kart Wii

Mushroom Cup: Luigi Circuit/ Moo Moo Meadows/ Mushroom Gorge/ Toad’s Factory

Flower Cup: Mario Circuit/ Coconut Mall/ DK Summit/ Wario’s Gold Mine

Star Cup: Daisy Circuit/ Koopa Cape/ Maple Treeway/ Grumble Volcano






More to come….

Bracket results and winners will be posted here after the tournament!

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