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Move Library and Watched Shows from Genesis to Specto (and likely any others)

With Genesis dying out, and Specto seemingly taking over, I needed a way to switch my library and shows watched over to Specto.  I spent forever trying to figure out a way of switching everything over automatically (editing .strm fiiles works, but takes FOREVER).  Eventually I did find a way by using Trakt.tv, so figured I’d share it here:

Note: I tried to make this experience a little entertaining.  But you may be one of those get-in get-out, down to business types, so I’ve highlighted the main steps in bold, so you can just follow them and ignore all the other hard work I put in trying to make this a fun process, hope you feel good about yourself.

Tools Required:
Mostly any Kodi build (obviously I haven’t tried this on every build for every system, but should work in theory, worked fine on both OSMC and Windows)
Access to the internet on both Kodi and preferably a cell phone at the same time.
If you don’t already have both of these, why are you here?

Tools Recommended:
A video game system on a separate input with a game running (I used a zombie based game, but any game should do)

Step 1: If you are still reading, go directly to step 2.  If you are not still reading….

Step 2:Follow the guide located here (you may have already done a bunch, but just make sure everything’s done from the guide):

Kodi: How to – Enhance your TV Show viewing experience

I know starting a guide with another guide is kind of annoying, but it really is a fantastic walkthrough made by Jassen Payen, and I couldn’t have done any better myself.  The last step is the most important, opening Trakt will upload all of your library information automagically to the cloud.  Make sure it completes this step successfully, as we are about to wipe all those shows you’re too embarassed to admit you watch off your system, then we’ll MAKE IT RAIN!! (pull everything back from the cloud).  If it didn’t successfully do this step, the following instructions will fail, and you’ll lose your library and have to add it back manually.  You can check your account right on Trakt.tv to make sure the shows were properly added.

Step 3: Again, make sure you are done everything from Step 2!

Step 4: Uninstall Genesis completely, this will essentially break all the links from your library to the genesis streams

  • Go to Videos/add-ons
  • Find Genesis and bring up the context menu
  • Click on “Add-on information” (we’ve included pictures for people who have trouble reading or following simple instructions, you know who you are)


  • Good job!  Now click on uninstall.

Genesis unistall

  • When prompted if you’re sure, scream “hell yeah I’m sure!” and click “Yes”, in that order.
  • Genesis is now uninstalling, don’t cry, it’s going to a better place. (it’s really not)

Step 5: If you haven’t already, crack a beer.

Step 6: At this point, the library files for your beloved shows are still there, but are pointing to the wrong place, cause they’re dumb, so we’ll just get rid of all the things pointing to nowhere.

  • Go back to the main screen and go to System/Settings then click on Video
  • Now make sure that the “Settings Level” in the bottom left of this screen is set to expert, I know you’re probably not an expert, but lets pretend and feel good about ourselves
  • Under “Library”, scroll down until you see “Clean Library…” 
  • Go ahead and click on it, which will begin the process of cleaning the files with bad links.  As long as you backed up everything to Trakt, everything should be OK, unless it’s not.

video settings

  • Now if you have a bunch of stuff, this will take a while.  This will be a good time to switch to your game input and start cappin some zambos.  I personally just started playing Left 4 Dead after an obsessive stint on Dead Rising 2.  Since there’s no possible way you care where I’m at with my backlog of games, let’s move on superstar!

Step 7:  Makin it rain!!!  This is where we’re going to essentially rebuild the library according to meet the needs and desires of Specto

  • Go back to the main menu, and go to Videos/Add-ons
  • Click on Specto/Tools/Specto : Library
  • Now, there’s a bunch of options in here starting with “TRAKT : Import”.  Not really sure what the differences are, but I clicked on all of them, cause that’s how I roll. (If it’s mostly for TV, “Import TV Collections” will be the most important one, “Import Collections” I think does movies.  Either way, might as well just do them all)

import tv

  • At this point it will start adding all of the shows from Trakt.tv back into your library, which takes quite a while if you watch allot of TV, so time for another beer and some zombie slaying.  Mine took around an hour, so you probably have time for some important things, liking telling your kids you love them and making love to your significant other (just not at the same time).  Then find something else to do for the other 57 minutes.
  • Once this is done, all of your precious shows should be back in your library, but nothing will be mark as watched, don’t freak out, we’ll fix this, we’re almost done, I use too many commas.

Step 8: Bringing it all together.  At this point, all your shows should be back in your library and pointing to Specto (or any other Trakt compatible program).

  • Go back to the main screen and click on programs
  • Now click on Trakt
  • This will now sync all of the shows in the library, with their status on Trakt, mostly, whether you’ve watched it or not.  This is another step that can take a long long time and seems to be mostly dependent on the speed of your system, so, more beer/love/zombies.

Now if you followed everything along correctly, it should look just as it did before, but you will be enjoying some of that sweet sweet Specto lovin.  You’re a hero, and don’t let anyone tell you different.  Go tell your friends you’re better than them, then invite them over to see your kick-ass setup.  If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments.  If you can’t, I haven’t figured out how to turn comments on yet.  Give me a second, I’m new at this, and not as good at software as you obviously are now.



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