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Home / DMs Log / 10th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Marionette

10th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Marionette

10th day of Nightal 1492DR

Easy Money


Our adventurers have had some time to wander the town, pick up work to aid their stay in this desolate little town. Fleabeard even managed to find a tavern, the seven tables. Tonight the adventurers find themselves staring down their watered down Ale at a pair of new faces. Frizzle and Cora were swept up by the mists and wandered into town just hours ago. The adventurers laugh and drink and listen to the town gossip. People here are very untrusting and, among other things, they overhear rumors of shadows have been seen near the graveyard. The Falinescu girl haunts the Manor and some of the servants have not been seen in far too long. The Burgomaster is over taxing people and his greed and his entertainment of the Vistini woman has brought a curse on the village. Just as the Gossip seems to be getting good Marku approaches the table. He tells the travellers of his nephew, Vasile and his friend who had recently gone to Vallaki for supplies. They were due back but had not returned. The storm and recent events make him fear something has gone wrong. Before he can even offer up a reward our restless group offers to go fetch the boy.


The group does not have to travel far when they come to the top of a valley. At the bottom there is a wagon. On the way down the valley they stumble upon a bear, a closer investigation reveals it has long been dead, it’s decomposing and it’s belly is distended. Flearbeard decides he wants the fur hoping it’ll fetch a pretty penny back in town. He walks up to it, takes out his dagger and makes an incision into the fur.  The belly ruptures and sends a spray of poison in the air.  The stench and the gruesome site hit Rudy Tutut, who then vomits and sprays poison out over the bear, Fleabeard and the swarm of centipedes now emerging from the dead bears innards. The group quickly stomps out all the bugs, Fleabeard scoops up his prize and they go straight to the boys and the wagon.


One boy is gravely injured and the other dead. Fleabeard and Kalen scoop the boys up and they begin to head back. Dritz notices movement in the bushes ahead and the party splits up, half following the path back and half going around behind a grouping of trees with the boys.   

As the group gets closer they can hear low talking and see flesh and feathers. They quickly deduce that they are harpies and the group surprises the trio of harpies not wanting to waste the advantage of surprise.
The birds put up a fight but are no match for the seasoned group. Rudy was injured in the attack, so after healing him enough for the walk home, the adventurers return the boy to the Seven Tables in Orașnou, where Marku asks them to help carry the boys to the hospice to care for their wounds. It is here that our adventurers meet Glovia who quickly tends to the boy and his wounds. She examines them with a deep understanding of anatomy that baffles the characters. She points at wounds and body parts calling them strange things like metatarsal, tibia.  Rudy looks at her dumbfounded as she casts healing word to fix him up. Glovia examines the boys’ wounds. They are deep but torn as if they were from dull teeth. She murmurs…she goes on examining and then she seems to come to an understanding and panic washes over her face; “This was Laszlo’s doing. Did you destroy him?”.  The adventurers learn that there have been sightings of lazlo and Glovia describes him only as being some sort of undead creature.

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