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Home / DMs Log / 14th day of Uktar 1492DR – Stars

14th day of Uktar 1492DR – Stars

14th day of Uktar 1492DR

Suits of the Mist
Mission 1: Stars

In our first encounter our brave adventurers meet at the crossing in a quickly learn about strange occurrences and the townsfolk unease with a group of Gur that has recently moved to Phlan. They set out to locate and bring back a young gur of 12, Hricu that has been accused of drugging an Elf maiden, Aya and stealing her Wand of Fire.

On the road to the Vanishing Hills our adventures run into the Family of Gur and stop to question them, finding little information they move onto the slopes of the hills which are icey and littered with  Flame thistles. After attempting to pick and throw flame thistles our adventures reach the top of the slopes only to encounter a pack of 4 ice cats. They icecats manage only to slightly injure a few members of the team before being slain. Ashley makes quick work of skinning one cat and claiming it’s furs for herself.

Fearing more ice cats the adventures find themselves in the mouth of a large cave where they dodge magic semi-sentient icicles until these are scared off by KiaKara’s fire. At the end of the passage the adventures find themselves in a large cave fighting off fire stirges to save a frightened tired Hricu that has been suffused with energy that was at one point contained in the wand. After collapsing the adventures heal him and learn that Hricu was told by his mother, Sybil, to steal the wand and bring it here, where it was rumored that a powerful dragon lived. Hricu was supposed to offer the wand to the dragon in return for protection when the impending evil swept over the land.

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