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19th day of Uktar 1492DR – Coins

Suits of the Mist
Mission 2: Coins

(Both)(DM1: Niki)(DM2: Scott)

After returning to the crossing inn our adventures learn of more troublesome news. A gur has stolen Gems from a local merchant and our brave adventures set out once more to retrieve the gems and the Gur, Rilynin for questioning.

The trail is easy to follow and the adventurers quickly come upon a clearing where the Gur they have been following is selling his stolen good to another merchant, they quickly interrupt the deal Churly Pinket and her guards welcome them offers them rum and the Gur and gems in question. While discussing the stolen gems a loud rustling begins within the thick foliage around the clearing. The adventures soon find themselves deep in battle with two vine blights and three needle blights.

Group 1(DM Niki): Churly’s guards remain faithfully by her side defending her during the attack. When the blights have been defeated our adventures attempt to detain Churly and find themselves in combat with her guards. While the guards put up a good fight all are slain but Churly manages to escape in the chaos.

Group 2(DM Scott): Our fearless group steps into action in order to eliminate the evil ones who have disturbed the peace of these discussions.  Churly’s guards also enter the fray in order to protect the one they’ve been charged with protection.  After the combat is finished, one of the guards, who was seriously wounded, received healing in a good faith action from one of the members of the group.  Churly expresses that she has no desire to keep gems that have not been procurred in a legitimate manner.  She reverses the transaction and after a few drinks, leaves peacefully.  

Rilynin was happy to go back to the inn as he said he needed to get  back to Sybil so they can prepare for the crossing over. On the trip back to the inn Rilynins explanation for stealing the gems was that a great danger threatens this land. His family needed the holy water for protection that the gnome offered, and her price was the box of gems. Churly arranged the theft and the meeting place for the gems.

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