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24th day of Uktar 1492DR – Swords

Suits of the Mist
Mission 3: Swords

(DM1: Niki)(DM2: Scott)

Group 1(DM Niki):After resting and gearing up our group of adventurers returns to the inn, only to find a somber atmosphere. The patrons are mourning the loss of 4 guards who would both protect local merchants as well as watch the sentries guarding the town. To make matters worse the Gur Kehkim had stolen a wagon-load of weapons for the local militiamen.

To redeem themselves our adventurers head off for Thar an ancient long-dormant stronghold. While on the path to the fortress our adventurers discover some snare traps before noticing a pair of Ors, arguing over their position in life. Dritz quickly moves in to threaten the Orcs into giving him the parchment in his hand before chasing off the pair.

Soon after the adventurers arrive at the foot of the ramp and encounter a curious creature a raven which speaks in short, squawking phrases Esselios quickly befriends the adventurers and warns them of the Orcs in the chambers beneath the stronghold, except for 2 that guard the prisoner and the wagon full of weapons. When the adventurers enter the courtyard they see a middle-aged man slumped in the cage, his hands and feet bound with rope. Dritz heads straight for the wagon to take on the Orcs head on, while Kiakara heads over to help the prisoner. It isnt until Mellie’s Attack, when she throws her trident at the Orc that they realize they weren’t fighting a regular Orc that in fact this a was an Orog. After knocking both Dritz and Fleabeard out Esselios distracted the Orog giving Mellie time to get on the horse while the other adventures jumped on the cart fleeing from the Orgo. Failing to free Kehkim, Kiakara jumped on the fleeing cart leaving him to his fate as Esoog took up the rear making sure no adventure was left behind. As they fled countless Orcs poured out of the doors to the fortress, Kiakara throws a fireball at the bridge damaging it enough to ensure the adventurers a clean get a-way.

Group 2(DM Scott):After returning to the inn, the group discovers another impropriety performed by the Gur nomads.  A wagonload of weapons was stolen that was to supply the local militiamen.  The guard, despite insiting on his own steadfastness, had clearly left his post, most likely to visit the local tavern.  Either way, a clue was given that had our adventurers heading off towards Thar, an ancient long-dormant stronghold, now known to house an unknown number of orcs.  

Along the way, one member of the group is suddenly snared, and raised 5 feet above the ground.  While attempting to get him down, two orcs are noticed guarding the path.  Once approached, it is clear that these orcs are disgruntled with their current working conditions.  The adventurers convince the two to come with them and aid in their quest.  The orcs, agree, with the female clearly taking a liking to the shortest member of the party.  

Once at the enormous stronghold, a large raven, who can apparently talk through some unknown magic enchantment, flies towards our adventurers, squacking about the extreme number of the orcs and giants that are taking up residence in the stronghold.  He also speaks of a man in a cage, who fits the description of the Gur they were sent there to stop.  Upon advancing, the groups thoughts are confirmed as the see the Gur Kehkim trapped in a rotting cage in the center of the courtyard, along with two Orcs rifling through the previously described weapons cart.

Our brave rogue attempted to stealthily escape with the beleaguered Gur, but ended up tripping over himself, alerting the attention of the orcs.  To our groups surprise, one of the Orc’s turned out to be a much feared Oruc.  The adventurers then bravely step in to prevent the death of their teammate, along with the disgruntled orcs they met along the way.  Our heroes manage to defeat the Orc and Oruc, but unfortunately at the cost of one of their new Orc friends. With the courtyard temporarily safe, the group quickly retreats with the Gur and the weapons.  On the way back, this Gur also speaks of the impending evil heading towards them.

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