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29th day of Uktar 1492DR – Stars

Suits of the Mist
Mission 4: Glyphs

After returning to the crossing inn the adventurers find there is little food to be had and the service is slower than usual. The adventurers quickly learn that the inn’s pantry had been raided for some rare herbs and plants by the oldest Gur, Ozzcar, who in the process cursed the cook’s assistant. The adventurers don’t hesitate to head out into the rolling mists  of the Quivering forest in search of the culprit to secure themselves a decent meal and a jug of ale.

Not too far into the forest the adventurers run into three Elf Scouts with their 4 Cooshee’s on their heals. The characters quickly see that something is odd about these elves, they quickly discover that the Mists have corrupted these elves and they find themselves at odds with the Elves. The adventurers make short work of the elves and convince the cooshee to turn on it’s handler.

After the battle was won an old woman wanders out of the forest with her, tethered to a leash, is an the old Gur Ozzcar. The adventurers quickly negotiate a trade with Jeny Greenteeth, Ozzcar for the heart of Golden elk. Hunting down an elk, separating one from the herd and killing it proves to be little challenge for our mighty adventures. They retrieved the heart and exchanged it for the old Gur. Who told the adventurers his granddaughter Sybil has seen the future of this land. He was hoping to form an alliance with Jeny, however, she was so unpredictable, that she just captured the old man. In the end the old man never cursed the cook’s assistant. He was, however, drugged and the old man may have given him a little too much.

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