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Home / DMs Log / 5th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Beast Part 2

5th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Beast Part 2

5th day of Nightal 1492DR

The Campsite


After a short rest near the thicket our adventurers continue on their journey, in their travels they come across a brightly painted wagon, well decorated with highly detailed carvings and silver filigree. It looks as if the tree has grown around and even through the wagon, and though the paint on the wagon looks fresh this type of growth typically takes decades to complete. Upon further investigation, the adventurers find a tambourine hanging from one of the branches a message scrawled on it in blood “Family is the Cruelest of Curses”. They try to wash it but it does not come off. They debate, do they keep it or leave it. Eventually Fleabeard ends the argument and shoves it in his pack.

They continue to follow the path until they come across a river. The banks have begun to ice up and flotsam adorns both shores; a number of broken branches missing their bark sit half in the water. They could resemble that of twisted bones in the dim light. The the river is less than thirty feet wide but cold and fast moving. Fleabeard acts quickly hacking down trees while Karell and Kalen lash them together with ropes. The adventurers one at a time attempt to walk the plank across the river, tied to each other to prevent being swept away should they fall in.  Esoog, Tall Tim and Kiakara all go for a swim end up cold and wet but all manage to make it to the other side.  Rimardo quickly offers over his dry winter gear to Kiakara so they can continue on.

After several hours of walking through the forest they run into a pot-bellied, heavily mustachioed man. Beside him a broken cart. He calls out and asks for aid in repairing his wagon. Krell quickly notices 2 other men attempting to flank the party launching them into full battle with the three bandits. Our adventurers were victorious but not unscathed. After being knocked out Kalen was healed and the adventures continued their journey.


Soon after the encounter they find a campsite but realize that nothing lives here. There are obvious signs of a struggle, blood covers the ground, and the mangled corpse of Laszlo gives away the story of what must have happened here. They adventurers search everything and find a silver dagger in the fire, a wolf’s tooth embedded in one of Laszlo’s wounds and laszlo’s packs.
While searching the campsite an ever vigilant Essog notices 3 thin elves emerge from the trees several hundred feet away. One is carrying the remains of a mangy hound picked-clean to the bone. The group is led by Aya Glenmiir who many had met at the crossing in. While Fleabeard sits down to lash his new found dagger to a stick the rest of the adventurers catch up with the Elves, give them rations and get the full story of how Alina had given birth and turned into a wolf before killing her husband. The elves agree to return to Orașnou to see what assistance they can give the town in light of recent events and they offer a whip of warning to the adventurers for their kindness.

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