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Home / DMs Log / 5th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Beast Part 3

5th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Beast Part 3

5th day of Nightal 1492DR

Wolf Den


After a long rest, the Elves head off towards Orașnou. Taking with them Fleabeard who is now completely out of drink and starting to sober. Shortly after they depart, out of the forest wanders Mellie and Tavek, two adventurers that the others thought the mist may have not caught. After a long catch up they decide to join the adventurers to hunt down the werewolf.


As the adventurers follow the track the forest grows very silent, and the wind has gone eerily calm. The character’s quickly realize they are being stalked by two death dogs. Battle follows and the death dogs take large bites out of both Mellie and Dritz, leaving them injured and cold. Just after the encounter an old hag comes across their path and leads them to her small hut which is cozy enough to keep the old woman protected from the elements. Her hut is only big enough for two of our adventurers and as they debate should they stay and rest she is eager to share her rancid-smelling stew, and seems incredibly concerned with everyone’s well being. The adventurers decide not to stay but instead leave her with some rations and candles for her kindness and they move on following wolf tracks and a blood trail farther into the forest.


A massive storm front has been building for the last several days, and as the adventurers reach the mouth of what looks to be a cave the oncoming storm blots out the sunlight, causing the temperature to drop very quickly. Hail and freezing rain begin to pelt the adventurers. They decide to escape the weather and venture into the Cave and explore. The smell of urine and rotting meat greet the adventurers before they get deep enough into the cave to see that this is in fact a wolf den. Broken, gnawed bones litter the floor, and scraps of fur from a large number of animals have been shredded and scattered about the cavern. They find a journal covered in blood and urine. Several pages are still legible but as they read the pages they are interrupted by Alina and a large direwolf.


Alina lets out a throaty growl as she falls to her hands and knees. Her body contorts and twists as her forms changes to that of a large, silver-furred wolf. The beast throws its head back and howls, and then charges. The adventurers also charge in attempting to subdue Alina and kill her direwolf companion.


After a fierce battle our adventurers convince  Alina to come back to Orașnou to tend to her festering wounds. Tavek throws her on his back and they move quickly through the forest. Kiakara keeps a close eye on Alina’s condition. As they travel Alina licks her wounds and whines. Kiakara doesn’t let her eyes off the injured girl, who in turn lets out a low throaty growl. When they get to the edge of the town they decide it isn’t safe to bring the girl into town so the group splits up and heads into town to get help. They are able to locate the the Burgomaster and tell him of the predicament. He and his aide run out to the girl and offer to any assistance. He says her wounds can be treated and feels the best course of action is to bring her to town to his residence. Relieved the adventurers help carry her to the house where the the Burgomaster and his aide take her inside.


Two of the group head to The Hare & Hair to let Gregori know where Alina is. Our adventures stay on guard outside the Burgomaster’s residence in case Alina turns. They then notice three shapes on the roof: Alina, the Burgomaster, and his aide. A noose of stout rope has been tightened around Alina’s neck and a burlap sack filled with what appears to be stones has been lashed to her ankles. “The moon has cursed this girl!” The Burgomaster says, “There is nothing that can be done to save her, but we can prevent her destroying us all!” Alina has time only for the briefest of screams as the man beside the Burgomaster shoves the girl from the

roof.  She drops quickly and there is a resounding CRACK as the rope around her neck draws taut. The adventurers look up at the hanged corpse of Alina in shock. They debate the reasoning behind it but ultimately decide that they wouldn’t interfere with the decision the Burgomaster had made. They immediately headed to the local Tavern to get a stiff drink and some rest.

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