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5th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Beast

5th day of Nightal 1492DR
Mission 1: Orașnou: A Sleepy Mountain Village…


This week our Adventurers find themselves in a strange land.  As the Mist steadily falls away from them, they are now standing on the outskirts of Orașnou. As it’s early morning, most of the shops either aren’t open, or are boarded up.  The only sign of life is the Hare & Hair where a pot-bellied shopkeeper, Gregori opens the door. Here the adventurers ready themselves for the cold weather, and Gregori tells the adventurers some information about the town and the goings on.  Most notably, he talks about Laszlo and Alina Vaduva who are the trappers that keep the store stocked with the much needed furs in a place that never seems to warm up. Alina is 8 months pregnant and they went out nearly a tenday ago for one last hunt before winter. Normally they are only gone for 2-3 days but they have yet to return. The villagers fear they are dead. Our adventurers decide to help out, amongst other information they also learn Gregori has had the fortune of finding a wolf pup tied to a building and has taken the silver haired cub in. He only knows that a cloaked figure dropped off the howling wolf pup and limped off into the woods well before sunrise.
As the adventurers head off into the woods they come across a hardy maple trees housing 6 large blood hawks. The adventurers quickly draw bow and arrow picking off all 6 birds efficiently. At the base of the tree they discover a partially decomposed body of a human male. They continue to follow Laszlo and Alina’s tracks but also note that there are also a elf tracks as well, heading in the same direction as well as back towards Orașnou. The adventurers continue on. After another hour of travel they come across a curiously dense thicket. The bushes seem to be in a ring surrounding a seven-foot tall tangle of briars and thorns in the rough shape of a dome. There seems to be a scrap of bright green cloth several feet into the thorny environment and our adventurers are determined to find out what it is. Rimardo pushes into the thicket just enough to come face to face with a twig blight, with further inspection they can see four twig blights, and a vine blight as well as the form of a prone human in the center of the dome wearing a bright green traveling cloak. The adventurers make quick work of the slow moving twig blights and gang up on the vine blight to defeat him in the end. They manage to make it to the person at the centre of the dome only to find he has been long dead and all that remains is a scroll and random spell components. Our adventurers dare to take a short rest here before heading forward.

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