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Laszlo and Alina, the Tragic Couple

Long has the Vaduva clan lived in the forest outside of the small village of Orașnou—a small village located at the base of the mountains of Barovia. In response to some long-forgotten slight, a Vistani seer cursed their bloodline with lycanthropy— something which has led them to take great care in staying away from civilization. In Orașnou, Laszlo is a sellsword that prefers the solace of the forest over the company of people. While on a hunting trip, he watched Alina Vaduva quickly take down a bear in the form of a wolf, and was awestruck as she reverted to her human form to clean the beast. The fact that she was a shapechanger did not bother him in the slightest— because again, he had grown accustomed to the wild things in the world. He was smitten, though Alina chose to withhold knowledge of her family’s curse from him.
Their courtship was fast and passionate. Within a year, they were married and Laszlo took Alina’s surname. Together, they found a niche in trapping and skinning. They sold the furs to the village of Orașnou, and in return, were given both a place to live and a community to belong to—something that Alina was secretly unsure of. But she had never received such generosity, and they weren’t pressed with inquiries of what they did before coming to the sleepy little village. However, Alina never told Laszlo the full truth about her family’s curse. Afraid of what would come if Laszlo discovered her family’s curse, she took great pains to ensure that he never met other members of her family. As their relationship grew, she found herself with child and faced a terribly difficult decision—could she tell Laszlo about her curse before the baby was born and risk his anger (or worse, abandonment), or withhold it from him and continue living the lie.

This information is from the introduction section of the D&D Adventurers League source material.  It has been posted here for informational purposes only.  No alterations have been made except removal of information that may affect quality of game play, or reveal information not intended to be viewed by players.  Only information intended to be relayed to players is posted.  All work remains copyright of it’s perspective owners, notably Wizards of the Coast LLC.  If there is any concern by copyright owners of the way this information is being portrayed or attributed, please contact GameSpace Ltd. 

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