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The village of Orașnou is somewhat remote, perched in the Barovian hills in the Svalich Woods. Situated at the base of a cliff to protect it from the harsh northeasterly winds, its picturesque location would normally grant a scenic view, however no living person can recall a day that would make such a sight possible. Regardless, the ominous castle Ravenloft is almost always visible. With only narrow roads that climb into the hills, it’s common for the small village to become cut off from the rest of the valley during the winter months.

The Denizens of Orașnou
Most Orașnou residents are mundane laborers, farmers, fletchers and other folk who fall under common professions. They typically have gaunt features, as crops often fail to take root, and creatures of the night frequently kill and devour their livestock. Most are sullen, and often filled with fear, be it from the lands themselves, what lies within them, Lord Strahd, or their own tyrant of a Burgomaster; Ivan Randovich and his cronies.  As is the case with most of the denizens of Barovia, most of the people that reside in the village don’t possess a soul. These people are empty shells created by Strahd’s consciousness to populate his domain. However, about one in every ten people in Barovia are actually possessing of a soul—the souls of the original denizens of Barovia before its transition into the Demiplane. When a being with a soul dies in Barovia, its soul remains trapped until it is reincarnated later. Souls tend to wear clothing with a splash of color or have other features that demonstrate even a small bit of individuality.

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