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Home / DMs Log / 10th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Marionette Part 2

10th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Marionette Part 2

10th day of Nightal 1492DR

The Reading

Coming out of the hospice the adventurers run into some fellow adventurers who quickly joined up with their colleges as they headed towards the tavern the town crier comes out and stands on a small platform at the center of town. Calling out each adventurer by name inviting them to attend the house of the Burgomaster Randovich,
When the adventurers arrive at the Burgomasters estate they are brought into the abode where the Burgomaster introduces them to an old acquaintance, Sybil Rasia. Sybil had done a reading for Ivan Randovich and foresaw something ominous and unusual. Along with an army of the dead, a powder box, a woman she also mentioned the adventurers; individually and by name. He asked them to help by sitting through another reading to see if they could learn anything more. After a short discussion they all agreed to sit through the reading. They closed their eyes and were transported into a lavish parlor where they discovered a little girl playing the harpsichord she turns to them as they approach. Her chest and arms are riddled with open sores, and the left side of her face is almost entirely rotted away. Despite her appearance she is friendly as any young child answering the adventurers many questions. Though she doesn’t comprehend the current situation she is in. The adventurers find things like a Large family portrait, dolls and toys, a statue, a tray of cider. As they explore Kiakara finds a pair of spectacles as she looks through them the statue turns and looks at her, frightening her she takes the glasses off and passes them to Tavek who notices when wearing them Isabella no longer has signs of disease. As he’s looking at her she skips to a table upon which is a silver box. As she opens it, golden light spills out. She reaches in and pulls out a simple, wooden box, the source of the light. Suddenly the serenity of the moment shatters as a figure comes crashing through the window. Thick strings of wispy ether are attached to his arms and legs similar to those of a marionette. He snatches the wooden box from Isabella and with a backhanded swing of a lumber axe strikes the young girl’s head from her shoulders without a so much as a glance. Tavek notices that the strings attached to Laszlo lead to the giant image of Glovia who also has strings attached to her. “Bring it to me Laszlo!”, a voice booms from overhead. Seeming to snarl at the voice, the creature gathers his strings together and with a single sweep of his axe, severs them cleanly. Looking at the group, he issues a hissing growl and leaps out through the window and into the cold night.

The adventurers are awakened from the ritual by the sound of the Burgomaster yelling. Finally the adventurers regain control and see out the window a dark figure is chasing Oleg down the street; its head is cocked strangely to one side. Screams are coming from all parts of the village. The adventurers grab their weapons and burst out on the street they hear a roaring voice echoing down into the village from the cliffs above. Laszlo is holding a torch: “Glovia! What shall you do now? You can’t protect them all! I have what you seek and now you must betray them as you were going to betray me!” He then hurls his torch down into the village. The dead have risen and are attacking the town. Laszlo quickly vanished from sight, but the adventurers begin
chasing down Oleg and quickly come upon 4 zombies cornering 2 villagers and Oleg. They make quick work killing the zombies and move on. They come to the jail house and hear a man inside calling for help. Kelen quickly breaks down the doors and the prisoner grabs a bag concealed in a pile of straw and with a wink, he thanks the adventurers for their bravery, handing them the satchel before turning into a raven and flying away. Inside the bag is a key. The adventurers take stock of their current situation to decide which direction to head next

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