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Home / DMs Log / 10th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Marionette Part 3

10th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Marionette Part 3

10th day of Nightal 1492DR

Laszlo’s Attack

Our adventurers notice that the roof of the town hall building is on firs and quickly go to see if there is anyone inside. They see five large crates and assuming these are provisions for the impoverished town they decide to attempt to save the supplies. While 2 hold the doors the others run in and out grabbing crate after crate. Until all are safe.
Tired the adventurers look around at the chaos, what they notice is one figure stands out from the others. A particularly ghastly looking creature seems to be issuing orders to the others. They decide to take him out to see if they can drive the rest off. The Ghast is protected by several skeletons and as the adventurers fight more skeletons arrive to defend the ghast but when the Ghast is killed the skeletons stop coming the last of them are easy to finish off. Looking around all the remaining undead are confused without direction and are easily being chased off by the torch and pitchfork bearing village mob.
The adventurers take a second to look at where they’ve ended up. They are in the town cemetery and there are several fresh graves along with a newly dug hole with no body. The look around to investigate the names on the headstones. They recognize a few names, such as the boy they had brought back earlier and Alina, other names were common Barrovian names but then some seemed strange, they were looking at their own names on headstones. Some adventurers full names that hadn’t been used in ages. Since the village seemed under control they decided to dig up Harrod’s grave. The body was wearing the same clothes as him, it had even been buried with a weapon mysteriously the same as his. As they stare at this body they decide to test this evil magic, They put a mark in Harrods staff and almost instantaneously it shows up on the one in the grave. Backing out of the grave they look around. They notice a red glow coming from the tree line. They head into the tree line where they discover the body of a young woman in a beautiful white and green dress. Two rubies are resting on her eyes. The adventurers discuss and argue over what to do with her. They finally decide to bury her, but not before Cora knocks the ruby’s off her eyes with a stick and pockets both of them. After burying her they decide to return to the seven tables for a rest.

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