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Home / DMs Log / 10th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Marionette Part 4

10th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Marionette Part 4

10th day of Nightal 1492DR

The Manor

At the Seven tables our group of adventurers runs into a new adventurer and as they are learning all they can about him a woman arrives; pleading hysterically for help. Sorina the young girl who works at the hospice has been taken and Boris, has gone after them. Glovia took her and was heading towards the Manor.
They reach the estate and it appears no one has used the front doors in a very long time. There is however a path that leads to a side entrance. The adventurers decide to take the path and enter through the back of the Manor. The adventurers recognize this room instantly from Sybil’s ritual, although the condition of the room is very different. Someone has taken an axe to the harpsichord and most of the furnishings. The family portrait has been burned. Isabella greets the adventurers as if she remembers them she Isabella tells them that she wants them to meet her friends and leaves almost instantly, moving through the east wall and into the ballroom. Here the adventurer’s are greeted by 4 tiny undead children. The adventurers go into the room where Isabella slams the door behind them. The ghouls both play and attack the adventurers. Unsure what will happen next the adventurers begin to take the children out. One child even starts to play duck duck …. until it lands on Esoog where it’s face distorts as it yells Goose! At him and he swings at it taking it’s head clean off.
The adventurers manage to get out of that room and start to clear the rest of the floor. When they enter the Foyer a section of floor collapses underneath them. They land in a pile in the basement and find themselves in a room littered with furniture and coffins, a pool of water has settled in one corner. One casket catches Esoogs eye, getting slightly closer but still keeping a good 10 feet away it looks like a piece of jewelry is inlaid in the coffin’s lid. As he turns to point it out to his fellow adventurers the Coffin stands up and transforms and he looks back at it looking in his own eyes. The Mimic looks back and says ‘Hungry’. They adventurer’s quickly throw rations at it and slowly back out of the room into servants quarters. They divide here 3 checking through the rooms and 2 staying by the doors when the 3 get to the end of the rooms 4 servants come out of the walls flanking the adventurers. They quickly fall into battle mode and kill the Ghouls.
The adventurers move on to explore the rest of the basement kitchen, wine cellar and Food Storage where they encounter a swarm of rats. Which they easily squash. Before heading back upstairs to continue their search for Sorina

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