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Home / DMs Log / 10th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Marionette Part 5

10th day of Nightal 1492DR – The Marionette Part 5

10th day of Nightal 1492DR
The Marionette

The Theatre

As the adventurers come up the stairs they are greeted by Meele who came through the front door and after bringing her upto speed another new adventurer comes up from the basement in possession of Dritz scimitars. He does not introduce himself but offers his aid and tags along as the adventurers clear the remainder of the first floor. They come across a room that smells particularly bad and as Stine and the new adventurer who will now be referred to as Prince, Kelen kicks the door in seeing that this room was once some sort of garden, the large plants have overgrown wildly covering the windows and plants reach the ceiling 20 feet overhead. Near the far wall, there is a pool of putrid water and blood. Rising out of its center is a significant pile of appendages and various body parts. The room is humid and thick with moisture, coating the walls with a slippery growth. The first 4 Adventurers enter the room to see if there is anything in, as they get to close they are attacked by a gibbering mouther, the vile creature drools all over them spitting acid and blinding Stine. But they quickly destroy it and attempt to move away. As they do Price trips in the Goo that had become the floor and needs assistance getting up. Stine is so disgusted by the room he starts to vomit, at which point the adventurers decide to head upstairs.
In the upstairs Isabella quickly offers to show off her room, which is an immaculately kept little girls room with pink and frills. Isabella offers to show the adventurers her newest toy, then bolts through the wall. The adventurers quickly follow her into a room where a small stage has been erected. Isabella sits at the front row and claps her hands and the curtains are pulled back. A man hangs limp from many strings with hooks into his skin in several places. The strings are being manipulated by toy soldiers at the back of the stage. Isabella and all her dolls are laughing and enjoying the grisly program.
Melle jumps up on stage and free’s Boris and drags him to safety while the other adventurers break the toys and dolls escaping the room. With Boris in tow they now begin the process of clearing the rest of the main floor. The next room they enter seems to have once been the master bedchambers the room has been cleared of bedroom furniture. Five large tables have bodies in various states of autopsy, or assembly; it’s difficult to tell which. Body parts have been combined and stitched together creating massive hulking cadavers, some with mechanical parts attached using horrific procedures. As Kelen walks by the last of the tables the body on it sits up and takes a massive swing at him. The other adventurers quickly come to his aid. Lucian does not have all of the attributes of a normal flesh golem. He has been modified with one of his own inventions—a huge, mechanical arm. Despite the surprise the adventurers finish him off then loot the Alchemy station and clear the closet and pause before moving on to find out what’s in store for them next….

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