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Magic The Gathering

Our Magic Community Is Growing And We’re So Close (keep reading for FREE CARDS!!!)

We are getting very close to Core level with the WPN, which means we will soon be able to hold FNM (Friday Night Magic) and Pre-Release events!!  We also now have 30 card intro packs available, so we'd like to invite EVERYBODY out this Friday for some sweet sweet Magic playing.  These packs will be free to any new players, as well as current players who bug me until I give them one.  So if you're new to Magic The Gathering, come out and learn how to play, there's literally nothing to lose (excep...
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MTG: Oath of the Gatewatch

  Magic the Gathering Oath of the Gatewatch is here!!!   We can't sell it until Friday, but you can be sure that we have stock ready to go!!  Come on in and play Magic the Gathering with us this Friday night and try out the newest cards that Wizards of the Coast have to offer!  The new set has a lot of new and exciting features, and some killer cards to help crush and destroy your opponents. Check out the following video for a LONG review of the new cards and spoilers, or check out th...
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